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kartrak Kmix

Automation for concrete plants

They say that no technology replaces experience, but what if we combine these two things? That's exactly what Kmix offers.


Three decades of expertise have been combined with technological innovations to create a tool like no other.


With such a solution at your fingertips, you will no longer waste time and money to ensure the batching quality of your concrete.


Made by concrete workers

for concrete workers

Kmix automation offers state-of-the-art technology, which provides benefits such as:

✅ Remote access: a website of your automation

✅ Top-Go continuous loading: 50% faster loading

✅ Unlimited updates: we grow with you

✅ Remote support: a team of engineers ready to assist you

And a range of facilities that will surprise you.

Easier batching

Easier loading

With a simple and intuitive interface, your operators will learn to use the system in no time.

Integrate Kmix automation with your ERP, or use our interfaces to register:


✅ Concrete materials

✅ Stock levels

✅ Sand moisture

✅ Concrete mix families and proportions

✅ Suppliers

Monitor batching process in real-time from a computer, tablet or smartphone, whether you are at the plant or not.

Access the reports and have full control over your concrete and your company.

100% online monitoring

100% smart reports

Access your data whenever and however you want to stramline your analysis and decision-making.

We are the first automation company to provide periodic productivity and material consumption reports using Business Intelligence.

To achieve this, we employ the most modern data management tools, allowing personalized dashboards creation and performance indicators.

Mockup Tablet Kmix.png

adaptive technology

Your needs come first

Remote work is becoming increasingly important and prevalent.

Setting up a central operation hub to monitor multiple branches at the same time is an excellent way to oversee your business and prevent human errors.

And you know what the best part is? Using Kmix makes everything more convenient! With a cloud-based infrastructure on highly reliable and secure servers, you can control everything from anywhere, whether you're right next to the operations or in an office in  another city.

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