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Differentiated solution

The second most consumed product in the world requires a high level of quality control.

Automation of Concrete Plants

We combine the knowledge of 30 years in this field with youth technology to create a differentiated solution.

Kartrak automation is completely online, allowing remote loading, automatic updates, remote support and many other benefits that the latest technology provides.

Load report and dashboard

Trace recording and moisture correction

Integration with ERP systems


Inventory control


Custom control code

Intuitive HMI

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Continuous loading in Tow-Go plants

With our continuous loading system, the transfer of aggregates to the truck starts immediately via a button, without the need to wait for weighing all aggregates.

Combining our control algorithm with tablet and application also provided by Kartrak, your productivity can be doubled, without any mechanical modifications to the plant!

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The best reports on the market!

The data is yours. Access when you want and use as you prefer!

We are the only automation company in Brazil to provide periodic consolidated reports of productivity and material consumption. For that, we use the most modern Business Intelligence tools, allowing the customized creation of dashboards and performance indicators.


Create an operations center for multiple branches

Remote work is increasingly important nowadays.

Set up an operations center to control several branches at the same time.

Our cloud infrastructure allows remote control, and without any additional value. Combine sensors and cameras to create 100% remote operation.

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