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Experience the benefits of
cutting-edge technology

Easy operation,
achieved results

User-friendly interface platform for all levels of technology education and mastery.

Few buttons, information made available clearly, mirroring the real scenario for better understanding.

Technical support always available for clarification and better usability.

Completely on cloud

All data centralized, accessible from wherever you are through internet.

Personalized remote support, including control code, with no need for visits.

It does not require computers or servers at the plant site, it can be operated by mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets.

Integration with ERP tools and/or other company systems.

Reports with
Business Intelligence

Experience a new way of analyzing your data.

Instant or consolidated reports by week, month or year, as needed.

Create custom performance indicators for your business.

Tela da plataforma de automação Kmix
Tela da plataforma de automação Kmix
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