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kartrak Fleet

Maintenance and
fleet management

Leave imprecision and uncertainty behind with Kartrak Fleet.


Our system makes your service delivery logistics much easier.


Thanks to the digitization of important parts of the process, the result is accelerated in a simple way!

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All data centralized

Simplified management for everyone

A simple and intuitive system for drivers and administrators.

The complete solution for compiling and organizing your most relevant data, which generates up-to-date and accurate performance indicators (KPI's).


Updates of all your teams in real time, through fleet tracking with GPS and application for drivers and helpers, all displayed in a dynamic dashboard. 


We have developed a complete management system that meets the main needs of service and leasing companies, efficiently and without the need for extensive training.


If you are looking for a modern and smart solution, you can count on Kartrak Fleet.

Discover the modules
Kartrak Fleet

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☑️ Customer registration, contracts and service orders

☑️ "Drag and drop" daily schedule grid similar to Google Calendar

☑️ Approval system via email

☑️ Real-time monitoring of the lease with operator through the application

☑️ Leasing without operator integrated into the system, generating information in real time

Bye, bye, paperwork

Easy operation,
achieved results

User-friendly interface platform for all levels of technology education and mastery.

Few buttons, information made available clearly, mirroring the real scenario for better understanding.

Technical support always available for clarification and better usability.

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Request your quote now and book your demonstration of Kartrak Fleet

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