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Centralized data, total control

To facilitate processes and deliver indicators, this is our mission.

A challenge:

Create a simple and intuitive platform for drivers and administrators, dispensing extensive training.

At the same time, it needs to be complete and record a large number of data to generate the best performance indicators (KPIs).

It must integrate with other systems and serve companies of any size.

Screenshot_20201217-192803_Kartrak Opera
Tela do telefone
Screenshot_20201217-192949_Kartrak Opera
Tela do telefone
Screenshot_20201217-192939_Kartrak Opera
Tela do telefone

Discover the modules of

kartrak Fleet:

Escavadeira entra a floresta em moviment

Rental Management

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Tracking and telemetry

Chave Mecânica

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Maintenance and checklists


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For a better, cleaner and more sustainable world


In-app signature, QRcode management, online reporting, Business Intelligence and more.

Rental Management

Registration of customers, contracts and service orders

Daily drag and drop schedule grid, just like Google Calendar

Approval system via email

Rental with operator: real-time services monitoring, the customer signs on the app and the report is made available instantly for bill issuing.

Lease without operator: integrated with tracking system, generating real-time data feed the platform

Canteiro de obras de sujeira
Gestão de Locações
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 18.25_edited.j

Tracking and telemetry

Real-time fleet indicators: more security and management

Numerous attachable accessories: concrete mixer sensor, temperature control, driver identification ...

Maximum safety: anti-jammer system with intermittent blocker, works independently detecting violations and blocks the vehicle gradually, preventing accidents

Telemetry: connection in the CAN network of the light or heavy fleet, recording in detail the fuel levels, odometer, RPM, use of accelerator and 50 more parameters.

More than 20 types of reports and driver scores according to driving mode

Rastreamento e telemetria

Maintenance and checklists

100% personalized checklists, with photos and comments sent in real time. Notifies the supervisor in critical cases and generates corrective maintenance, informing the mechanic of the activity

Maintenance plans: every vehicle or equipment requires preventive maintenance. Manage all activities and materials within each maintenance plan

Automatic alerts: through telemetry and platform data, the system generates automatic notifications when preventive maintenance is approaching

Integration with stock, procurement and purchases: if maintenance materials are reserved or missing, a purchase requisition is automatically sent for quotation

Mechanic interface: Kanban system to indicate the priority of maintenance, recording activities in real-time via tablet and automatic calculation of maintenance cost, based on stock and elapsed time

Mecânico de automóveis
Analista financeiro


Enterprise Resource Planning

100% automatic issuance.

Banking integration for issuing slips

Purchasing system with triggering quotations via WEB, price comparison, issuing purchase orders and stock control

Detailed reports by cost centers and revenue centers, Income Statement for the Year (DRE) and chart of accounts

Build custom dashboards with our Business Intelligence (BI) consultants


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